Thursday, January 23, 2014

What Men Want in a Relationship!

9.   To Have Our Needs Fulfilled!!!   We love felling like our mates are paying attention to and satisfying our needs.  It could be something as simple as ordering from our favorite restaurant or playing music by our favorite artist.  We want to be with thoughtful partners who pay attention to our likes and fulfill our wants and needs...Thanks  Have fun dating  see ya later  Now Go to my website for a chance to Win a Million Dollars  go now before prices go Thanks

What Men Want in a Relationship!

Men and women are definitely wired differently...   Sometimes we're looking for the same things in relationships!    10 Things men Want in romantic relationships..   Some of these things may surprise you!!!     10.. To Hunt       Men want to be the pursuers---Not the pursued...Why???   This is part of "the game" we inherently enjoy.   The pursuit for a mate is embedled in a universe--long history of our days in the wild when men would hunt and kill to provide for their families..  We love a challenge, and research suggests a definite correlation between chemical reactions in our brains when we're challenged and the excitement and enjoyment of "chasing" after our mate's acceptance and appreciation.  For many men it can even be addictive...Thanks  have fun dating..Go to my website  receive benefits/services not available on other sites..Get a chance to Win a Million Dollars...Go to..   Thanks

4 Hints they're Into You

Hint 4     Trust Your Intiution          The best way to know if a guy is interested in you is to trust your intiution..   When a woman senses a guy likes her, but doubts the possibility, she unconsciously pushes some of that doubt onto the guy.  In other words, you're almost subconsciously saying to him. "Are you sure about this.  Are you really, really certain that you want to be involved with a girl like me?   If you instill doubt into a guy who is into you, you may inadvertently influence him to lose interest and thus become a profit of your own failure.   It is important to be on the lookout for the red flags of romance in any potential relationship.   However, give a guy the benefit of the doubt---at least until he proves you wrong...Thanks and have fun dating...Now go to my website  receive benefits/services not available on other sites.  Get a chance to Win a Million Dollars..Act Now  Before Prices go up...Go to   Thanks

Friday, January 10, 2014

4 Hints They're Into You

Hint 3--The Mickey Mouse Voice     It used to be said the way to attract a woman was to speak to her in a low,deep voice.. However, according to research by the Albright College in Pennsylvania, it is actually the higher--pitched voice that hints a guy being infatuated with a love interest.   When a guy likes a girl, he does not necessarily try to be macho [as a player might,] but rather attempts to mimic her, and make her feel more comfortable.  This is in much the same as mirroring a woman's physical movements to show interest.  These studies also suggested that women can detect these changes in tone, so try to be subtle and use your intiution...Now go to my website Provides more free services to members  receive services not available on other sites  Get a Chance to Win a Million Dollars  Go to  Thanks  See ya later

Friday, December 27, 2013

4 Hints they're Into you

Hint 2     Contagious Yawning     This one goes along with mimicking behavior.  If you yawn and he yawns right after you, it means that he respects and admires you.  When someone says your yawning is contagious, they are also subconsciously telling you that they like you.  Some experts even suggest that contagious yawning can also tell you how much your dog likes you...Go ahead and give it a try..Now go to my website Chance to win a Million dollars  Thanks

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

4 Hints they're into you

It can be a little confusing to know just how interested someone is in you--especially if they are a bit of a player or a little shy..Don't reley on Guessing---Here's what to look for..  If you're Getting Subtile Hints, you may have an admirer!   Well know ones, such as using humor, eye contact, smiling [crows feet showing], rounded shoulders and mirroring...Guys are also know to point their FEET in the direction of the things or people they desire most..This means even though he may be talking to another woman, if his FEET are pointed in your direction, he may actually wish he was talking to you instead..     Subtle HINT 1   Face to Face Communication  Studies suggest that women text regularly to strengthen their relationships, if a guy does alot of texting it could mean that he is avoiding contact with someone he has little interest in..If a guy wants to talk on the phone or in person, you can reasonably assume that he is more interested in you than a guy who texts....Now go to my website   Provides more Free services to members   receive benefits/services not available on other sites  Go now for the chance to Win a million dollars  Thanks

Saturday, December 21, 2013

What Men think is Sexy.

Men don't have a reputation for being skilled communicators..  Unfortunately, this leaves women in the dark.  But I can give you some insight into what they're thinking.  Here's what men find sexy about women..  You're Nuaturing..It may sound cheesy, but the way you care for him and others can be a real turn on..  A sweet,loving nature is a very attractive quality in a partner, and wether you're rubbing his back or taking care of your sick pet, the sweetness and thoughfulness you display is quite sexy indeed.. You're Independent    Being able to take care of yourself will always be attractive to him..  Be your own person..     You need Him..  He wants you to ask for his help once in a while..It appeals to his manly nature..  You support him   Your man has his share of struggles and self doubts,show him you are proud of him and of his accomplishments is one of the biggest turn-ons to him..  You use your Intellect..  Weather at work home or fun.  Intelligence is perceived as a valuable asset and you can bet that each time your intellectual gifts are on display, he'll find that attractive..   You're Confident   A little confidence goes a long way towards you looking sexy in his eyes.   Someone who knows what she wants..  When you exude confidence, you appear as a strong, capable mate..  That and a sexy, confident smile will always make him want you more.  Now go to my website provides more free services to members  receive benefits/services not available on other sites  Go to www.mycustommatch/freedating/rl4409  Thanks